A historic day has come and gone so let's reflect for a moment on that time that meant so much to so many people. Where were you when Barack Obama was elected President?




Fri, 16 Jan 2009 11:31:36


I was at a restaurant with some friends and everyone knew that he was gonna win but i was a little sceptical about calling it a win. The moment when CNN projected him as the winner, the whole restaurant went crazy. Everyone was yelling and screaming and some were even crying. Our waiter however was not happy about Obama winning. He was obviously disturbed at the crowd going crazy. When CNN said he was the projected winner, he rushed to the back and i saw him push some co-workers out of his way and he seemed really upset. Our food was next to come and I couldn't bring myself to eat after i saw his attitude. I was excited when Obama won but it was kinda wierd cause i found myself watching the waiter more than CNN.


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